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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was functioning as part of a team to produce a new digital service for separated moms and dads to get aid arranging Kid Maintenance. We 'd introduced an exclusive beta of the electronic solution in December 2019, and were functioning in the direction of presenting even more customers on a gradual basis.

Previous to this, the only way to make an application for assistance setting up Kid Upkeep had been an entirely telephone-based solution. Nevertheless, as a department we knew that we had to offer a digital choice as part of our commitment to expand our solutions and also develop electronic styles based on our users' needs.

The press to go online
All was going as intended till the pandemic hit. Nearly instantly, our coworkers in the call centres might no more address the phones as well as process applications. The department was functioning to obtain people established to function from house, but a great deal of coworkers were redeployed to service other solutions. So, our supervisors made the decision to make our electronic service the main approach of application from that factor onwards, and for the direct future.

The group had to scoot to protect the solution and make it readily available to all candidates. The plan had actually been to ramp up to around 100 applications a day experiencing the system within a couple of months, and now we had to reach this stage in an issue of days. The team strove to stabilise the solution so it might deal with the rise in individuals, all while adjusting to functioning from home themselves.

Producing a 24/7 service
At the private beta stage we were making use of comments from customers to progress the solution-- as we opened it up even more this responses became a lot more essential. There was a clear demand for a few modifications such as 24/7 availability. The service was originally designed to just be readily available when the legacy backend system was readily available, in between 8am to 8pm during the week, and out weekend breaks.

We had a lot of comments asking why it was not readily available after 8pm, so we built our own backend to keep the application information temporarily, up until the legacy system became available. Around 20% of individuals currently complete their applications in that 'offline' period, which reveals the advantages of responding really rapidly as well as taking customer feedback on board.

Another piece of comments we obtained from customers related to them wanting to verify receipt of their application. So, as part of our routine iterations, we supplied a feature that allows customers to enroll in family lawyer an e-mail verification that their application has actually been received using the Gov.Notify system. Around 99% of online users have chosen to use this center, which simply demonstrates how useful it has actually been as confidence for individuals getting Youngster Upkeep.

The hard work settles
Throughout the summertime and into fall, the group functioned regularly to present new features, with changes released on a virtually weekly basis. It was a ruthless pace and also was testing sometimes-- for instance for those people home education our youngsters. Having a common goal of helping to obtain cash to family members that require it was a really motivating variable throughout these times.

That hard work meant that we had the ability to take the item through a Government Digital Service (GDS) public beta analysis in wintertime. It passed with flying colours, which was a truly happy minute for everyone associated with the job. We were also lately identified with a team honor at an internal honors ceremony, which was a wonderful method to celebrate the means we've interacted.

Up until now, over 59,000 individuals have made use of the digital solution to apply for Kid Maintenance, which is around 80% of all applicants. The telephony service is still there for those that require it, however the number of online applications continues to grow.

This isn't the end of the electronic trip for this service either. We're currently progressing a new roadmap for more makeover of the end-to-end service, as well as we'll continue to listen to individual demands, and also make amendments as well as enhancements to make it as very easy as feasible for individuals to request as well as manage their Kid Maintenance plans.

It's absolutely been a tough year for everybody, yet I'm glad that I'll be able to look back at when our team rose to the difficulty and provided for individuals when they needed us most.

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